in Périgueux, Mathieu Le Gentil has more than one string to his rackets

Sunday, June 19, he has been active since to satisfy the requests of the players of the Engie Open of Périgueux concerning their string. It has been six years since the licensee of TC Boulazac, employee of a store specializing in racket sports the rest of the year, works around the courts of Font-Pinquet.

Advisory role

Suffice to say that he begins to know a few players, and that he has at least cordial relations with most of them. “I would like to work at Roland-Garros,” he smiles greedily. Like young girls on the court. To do this, you have to “prove yourself, meet the right people, get people to talk a bit about yourself”.

“Anyone can string but not everyone knows how to string”

And so, being a good stringer, namely being fast, precise and efficient. “Anyone can string but not everyone knows how to string,” he explains. A know-how acquired during stages in well-known brands in the world of tennis, in particular during the Bordeaux-Primrose tournament.

For the neophyte, you should know that stringing a racket requires between 11 and 12 meters of plastic string (usually nylon) and about ten minutes of work for Mathieu Le Gentil, except in the particular case of a player who requested, in a previous edition, a different tension on each string.

The changing weather conditions this year have a particular impact on his work. Not so much humidity as temperatures. “When it’s hot, the string relaxes, when it’s cold, the tension is reduced because the strings are stiffer,” explains Mathieu Le Gentil. The type of playing and the desired effects also come into play and, beyond the purely technical part, the stringer has an advisory role.

This is especially requested the day before and at the very beginning of the tournament. Then, the demand is rarer, the players break little and, on the ITF tournaments, every euro counts (it takes 13 per adjusted racket, the strings are provided by the players, some of whom have partnerships with suppliers), therefore they require only in case of large.

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