In Plouigneau, the table tennis room will be called the Michel-Talarmain room – Plouigneau

To follow up on the general assembly of Friday, July 8, 2022, of Ignatian Table Tennis, at the request of the club leaders and the acceptance of the mayor, the hall of the sports complex housing the club will now be called the Michel hall. -Talarmain, president who died two months ago. Michel was one of the driving forces behind the club, for many years he championed Ignatian Table Tennis loud and clear and made this club a national benchmark.

A new office in September

Simone, his wife, had a moving letter of thanks, written by the whole family, read. Jean-Jacques Burel, treasurer, and Bernard Mellouet, secretary, took the floor to retrace the main events of the past year, draw up the moral and financial balance sheets of the club and discuss future prospects. An election will be held in September to elect a new office.

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