In the event of Rouen’s draft in Pro B, Tours will file a complaint

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If the Élan béarnais is relegated administratively, it is Rouen, 18th in 2021-2022, which will be maintained in Pro B. What annoy Tours, which threatens to file a complaint.

While the Élan Béarnais is moving towards relegation to the amateur level following its second failed passage before the National Directorate of Council and Management Control of Professional Clubs (DNCCGCP), two teams should be drafted: one in Betclic ELITE and one in Pro B. If in Betclic ELITE, it is the 17th, Orléans, who should be saved, in Pro B, it is Rouen, 18th, who would be preferred to Tours, 17th, thanks to a ranking voted in time of COVID-19 which takes into account the results of previous seasons as well as extra-sporting criteria. Asked by Paris-Normandy, Yvan Gueuder, the president of Rouen Basket Métropole, is ready to recover this place in Pro B.

Inevitably, such a decision was not taken at Tours Métropole Basket. Its president Bruno de l’Espinay thus wrote on June 29 to the presidents of the National Basketball League (LNB) and the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) to denounce “the illegal nature of the ranking”. Thus, if Rouen were fished out, the TMB would not fail “to attack such a decision before the competent courts”. This promises another great summer at the LNB…


July 13, 2022 at 4:55 am

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