In the middle of a fight with Ryan Garcia, the fluff of Francis Ngannou!

Having moved to attend Ryan Garcia’s fight, Francis Ngannou had the pleasure of meeting a well-known figure in American cinema. The problem is that the Cameroonian made a small mistake once there… Explanations.

While waiting to be able to go back to the octagon, he who tore a cruciate ligament in his knee a few months ago, Francis Ngannou continues to follow MMA news closely. The world heavyweight champion likes to play the role of observer, whether with his opponents or his friends. He proved it again not long ago, with his viral photo with Israel Adesanya and Kamaru Usman.

More recently, the Predator decided to go see other sports disciplines and to go to Los Angeles to follow the fight of the nugget Ryan Garcia against Javier Fortuna, within the Arena. To everyone’s surprise, the UFC star then came across an actor and not the least, namely the famous Danny Trejo. Obviously impossible to pass up the opportunity to strike a pose together, and that’s exactly what the two men did during the event.

Francis Ngannou seen with the famous Danny Trejo!

Made famous for his participation in the film saga Machete or even more his advertisements with the Old El Paso brand, the septuagenarian actor is from the City of Angels and is therefore very famous in the area. Meeting him in such an unexpected way is therefore always a special moment, including when you are a monument to your discipline like Ngannou. It is therefore all the more amusing that the latter confused it in his Instagram story… mixing a completely different person with the story.

Indeed, @dannytrejo10 is the identifier of another Danny Trejo, who is a footballer in the United States. However, he has several points in common with the legend of the cinema, other than the name: on the one hand, the Mexican wore the colors of the Los Angeles Football Club and therefore knows the city well. On the other hand, it turns out that the paths of the two namesakes have already crossed in the past. They had notably taken a photo together, which the footballer had shared on his Instagram account:

Anyone can make mistakes, including a superstar like Francis Ngannou. Fortunately, that did not prevent him from savoring the moments spent alongside Danny Trejo, while attending Ryan Garcia’s victory against Javier Fortuna in six rounds.

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