In the middle of a hockey game, she detected cancer in a member of the team

An unusual story. On October 23, a spectator who came to watch an NHL hockey game saved the life of a member of the Vancouver Canucks by detecting cancer in him.

That evening, the young woman was seated behind the team bench. A detail then vividly caught his attention. She then wrote a message on her phone, which she then approached the window separating her from the bench of the Vancouver Canucks to warn the man in question: “The mole in your neck may be cancerous. Please go see a doctor!”

If the approach of an alarmed Brian Hamilton, he always took it seriously. The mole, which the Canadian had never really seen, actually turned out to be a melanoma, a malignant tumor, and has since been removed.

Reunions through social media

The story could have ended there. Except that the man thanked the stranger who saved his life. This is where the magic of social media has succeeded.

1uh January, the Vancouver Canucks team shared a letter from Brian Hamilton on Twitter, in which he explained that he was looking for a “very special person”, who “saved my life”. The tweet quickly went viral to help track down the heroine, a student recently accepted into medical school.

“I am glad. The only reason the letter was written is because I really wanted her to know that her perseverance and everything she did was taken seriously,” Brian Hamilton later testified.

The following day, the Vancouver Canucks team shared several images of the moving reunion between the Canadian and Nadoa Popovici.

During the evening match, the team also announced that it had requested a scholarship of 10,000 dollars from the young woman for her studies.

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