Interview. Cherbourg in the Cotentin. Thomas Capitaine: “The basket has filled a large part of my life”

From National 2 games with AS Cherbourg in the 2000s to the rise of UST Équeurdreville to N3, via US La Glacerie, with his friends, to come out of his “retirement” announced in 2014 , Thomas Capitaine will have marked the basket of the Cotentinois for twenty years. The conclusion to Léon-Jouhaux during the derby was almost experienced as a passing of the torch with the new generation. (©La Presse de la Manche)

Thomas Captainplayer of theUST Equeurdreville (delegated municipality of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Manche), an order of stop his career on a rise in National 3.

News: What are the reasons for this stoppage?

Thomas Captain: At 40, I think it’s the right time. Training, playing, from a family point of view, it became more and more complicated. We had to ask each other to look after the children…

And from a physical point of view?

CT: Sometimes you had to tinker, but I was still doing pretty well. Despite everything, undergoing a whole session because you are a little less well, it is not always very pleasant. Especially since, in the Équeurdrevillais group, there are still beautiful people. Anyway, it’s perfect to finish on a climb.

Couldn’t you dream of better?

CT: I could have finished with a big injury or heard that they no longer count on me. It was not the case. Despite two seasons rotten by the Covid-19, the club was able to remobilise, I was part of this adventure and I was able to come full circle on a very high note. And ending with a derby against Cherbourg was unique!

What do you think of this double climb?

CT: It is the proof of a real local will. The clubs have been able to set up real projects. I’m happy for Cherbourg, which has managed to organize itself as well as possible to get there. I am happy for the UST too, knowing that the two sections show the will to leave room for young people. And I know that many of them crochet in these adventures.

“Baby, I walked into a room. Forty years later, I’m still there.

What will you remember from your career?

CT: Pleasure. My parents left me no choice (laughs). Baby, I walked into a room. Forty years later, I’m still there. The basket has filled a large part of my life. I missed some things elsewhere, I made sacrifices, but I will not do anything different. It structured me as a man, I experienced sensational atmospheres, I rubbed shoulders with a real group of friends, I discovered others, etc. Sport, even more sport-co, is my DNA.

“I have the feeling that we have gained a bit by growing the local basket. »

Tell us about your time at UST Équeurdreville?

CT: I haven’t already forgotten my season at La Glacerie, in the Pre-National. It was awesome. Then, at 36, I was entitled to a few extra years at the UST. Ultimately, few players get such opportunities. We find one, here and there in some teams, but as much as here, it is rather rare. It was an opportunity to play with even more friends. All of us have found our account there. From 36 to 40 years old, participating in this project was great, what’s more with Serge (Grégorieff) who continued to trust us.

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Other players, Basile Grégorieff, Max Neiers, have also decided to quit. A page turns…

CT: Yes, but a very nice page. I have the feeling that we have gained a little by growing the local basket. Many children came to see us and we showed them things. Today, it is up to them to take over.

How do you envision the sequel?

CT: We will let the club structure itself for N3, R2, etc. Thanks to the basket, I met some great guys, like Basile (Grégorieff). For 40 years, we lived the same story and we are still here. 40 years of a beautiful friendship.

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