Interview. Regional handball league: why move and leave Segré?

The Regional Handball League will soon leave Segré (Maine-et-Loire). The decision was announced on Monday, July 4, 2022.

Since the end of 2021, the Pays de la Loire handball league thinking about moving.

Installed at Segre (Maine-et-Loire)she made the decision, Monday, July 4, 2022to move to Ancenis-Saint-Géréon (Loire-Atlantique).

Alexis Huaulmeits president, explains this choice.

News: Why leave Segré?

Alexis Huaulme: Quite simply because today the premises of Segré are no longer suited to our activity. And the extension option on the site did not seem wise to us since we would have been limited. You might as well think about a real global project.

And the other explanation is that the location of Segré, for us the elected officials of the league, to be honest, no longer made much sense. We were looking for a much more centralized location, in particular with means of transport, especially with the proximity of a train station.

On no problem with this territory. In itself, it is not separation that makes us leave, but it is the project that requires us to reflect and comment on developing it. And geography is super important for this project.

And how to explain the choice of Ancenis?

Oh: We had two proposals for the project: Ancenis or Angers-Les Ponts-de-Cé. Twelve votes for the first against nine for the second; you can see that it was quite tight.

We asked the following question to the board of directors: “In your opinion, which place is the most opportune for the development of our league?”

But I repeat: that does not mean that the project is complete.

That’s to say ?

Oh: The administrators chose the location, that was the first step. This is what will allow us to think about the project in more detail, by doing, for example, the study of the soil, the budgets, etc.

This project declination study should take place until the end of 2022.

Logically, what should we find in Ancenis?

Oh: We are clearly on the concept of a house. We will find something to eat there, by paying for collective catering. To sleep, with collective accommodation to accommodate teams, training, internships… And we will of course have the administrative headquarters with the offices of agents and technicians.

And also a gymnasium.

The idea was to be able to develop our activities, to be independent in terms of equipment and to have tools available to our clubs.

And this site, it will also have vocation to live for something else, with the organization of events, the reception of school and extracurricular activities for example.

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What future for Segré staff and premises?

Oh: At the Segré league, fourteen people work there. The idea is to ensure that this move has no impact on the current team. Our goal is to retain and work with the same people. Hence the idea of ​​not straying too far either.

For the premises, we are the owner. They will definitely be on sale.

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