It was the open tennis final, in Plancoët, this Saturday, July 16 – Plancoët

It was the final of the Tennis Open this Saturday in Plancoët. ” I am very satisfied. We had a very good turnout with 200 players. The weather conditions were exceptional during these eleven days. It was a very good course for Gaëlle Mazé, from our club. She passed six laps! », declares Mikaël Jacquet, president of the plancoëtin club, who took the opportunity to greet the volunteers and mainly Romane Swiatczak, present these eleven days. Patrick Barraux, mayor of Plancoët, attending the presentation of the cups.

Senior category winners

Simple ladies. Winner: Caroline Colomb TC Broons 2/6. Finalist: Charlotte Haie TC Saint-Grégoire 3/6. Semi-finalists: Morena Ippoliti TC Brocéliande 2/6 and Angela Portoman TC Brocéliande 2/6.

Simple gentlemen. Winner: Paul Porcher TC Saint-Valérien 2/6. Finalist: Mathis Jouanneau TC Saint-Grégoire 0. Semi-finalists: Lucas Nari TC Brocéliande 2/6 and Thibaut Ducarme Azur TC Asnières 2/6.

Single gentlemen +35. Winner: Vincent Donio TC Pont-Audemer 15/2. Finalist: Jérémie Messeca CSM Epinay 15/4.

Single gentlemen +55. Winner Michel Quintin Emerald TC Dinard 15/3. Finalist Laurian Louzeau Emerald TC Dinard 15/4.

Youth category winners

Single gentlemen 11/12 years old. Winner: Mael Griller US Marly Le Roi 30. Finalist Noé Dussine Surgères SC 15/5.

Single gentlemen 13/14 years old. Winner: Anthur Ligouzat Lagardère Paris Racing 15/5. Finalist: Mathis Roué TC Grégoire 15/4.

Single gentlemen 15/16 years old. Winner: Paul Carpier TC Lamballe 5/6. Finalist: Matthieu Greiot US Tourcoing 15/1.

Single gentlemen 17/18 years old. Winner: João Collignon TC Lanvallay 15/2. Finalist: Lucas Aziz-Renia Paris University Club 15/2.

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