It’s moving for Donovan Mitchell, a franchise negotiates with the Jazz!

The more the days pass, the more the departure of Donovan Mitchell is gaining momentum. It is not yet known if the player will leave this summer, but what is certain is that the Jazz are negotiating to leave Spida. Shams Charania just confirmed this on Wednesday, with a franchise that already stands out for the recruiter. Make the point.

A few weeks after Rudy Gobert, everything suggests that Donovan Mitchell should be traded to Utah. If the star is seen as the center of the project, Danny Ainge, formerly at the Celtics, is obviously for the idea of ​​cleaning up in order to start a reconstruction. Spida should therefore pack its bags, while bringing back a major counterpart for its team. The big favorite of the recruiter today? The Knicks, who are already in negotiations according to Shams Charania.

The Jazz and the Knicks have begun discussions to trade Donovan Mitchell. New York has priority over Utah at the moment, among other teams.

Donovan Mitchell in New York? Things are getting hot !

Negotiations have started, but an agreement still needs to be found for this trade to happen. The advantage for New York is that the franchise has elements to close this deal. Between some young players and first rounds to exchange, in quantity, the front office is able to recover Spida to bring it to the Big Apple. It just remains to be seen whether the leaders are ready to do what is necessary, since the Jazz will be asking for a lot.

The Jazz have been talking to several teams for the past few days about Donovan Mitchell, but the Knicks seem like the most likely destination. Both parties have been discussing a trade idea for the past 24 hours. The Knicks have 8 first-round draft picks — 4 their own and 4 from other franchises — to use in a package. New York is also a bunch of young players, including Quentin Grimes, who is of interest to Utah.

However, nothing is done yet. As Charania confirms, there is competition in the market, with the Heat. The problem for the franchise, just like with Kevin Durant for that matter, is that the assets are lacking. For Pat Riley and company, it would probably take managing a third team to make a trade work:

Miami has also expressed an interest in Mitchell, but the franchise only has two first rounds to trade, and Tyler Herro as a center piece. Because of that, the Heat should probably hire a third team to satisfy the Jazz’s cravings and possibly trade Mitchell.

Donovan Mitchell? The soap opera continues to grow. No confirmation yet, but negotiations are ongoing. Whatever happens, a departure seems inevitable in Salt Lake City. You will have to watch your phone in the next few days.

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