“It’s not wrestling, it’s basketball! »

The skill of Chet Holmgren no doubt, he who has a unicorn profile, a 2m16 player with impressive skills, able to shoot from afar and protect the circle. Despite this, many have doubts about his ability to win in the NBA because he is very frail. Asked about the subject in the Outta Pocket podcast, DeMarcus Cousins he has no doubts.

“We’re not in this NBA anymore,” DeMarcus Cousins ​​said. “I understand that people say that, it’s easy to say that about him. When you’re a good player in this league, they’re going to talk about you, the good and the bad. What is the temperature ? 82, 86 kilos? They said the same thing about Kevin Durant, that he couldn’t take a meltdown. What are we talking about ? It’s not wrestling, it’s basketball! This guy knows how to play basket. He was designed at all the levels he went through because he knows how to play basket. It has nothing to do with his weight, with his build. Obviously he needs to get stronger physically to last. But to think he’s going to get destroyed inside, there’s not even a game in the low post anymore. In the NBA we no longer play at the low post. Apart from Jokic, Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns, nobody really plays in the low post. So I don’t think that’s a concern about him. I think he will thrive. He’s an incredible talent and he’s a guy you can consider like a unicorn, he’s over 2m13, he has all the skills of a fullback, he shoots like a fullback and he can protect the circle. I think he will have a very good career. »


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