“It’s sad for the African continent”, reacts the coach of Cameroon about Embiid

Former interior to the 52 selections in the France team (2001-2008), assistant to Vincent Collet on the bench of the Metropolitans 92, Sacha Giffa (45 years old) has not completely given up hope of one day seeing Joel Embiid evaluated with the Cameroonian selection , it is not the coach. Even if the pivot of the Philadelphia Sixers obtained French nationality.

“What does the naturalization of Joel Embiid inspire in you?
I think he has personal reasons, that’s why he chose French nationality. The door remains open. The day he feels ready, we are there. With the tank we have, it’s a spearhead, our best player. But the Cameroon team is forced to move forward without him, and we’re going with it.

However, he could play with the France team: what does that inspire you?
With everything we see at the moment with the African basket, we must not lose our nuggets. They must stay on the continent, make it shine. Which European team has two top 20 interiors in the NBA? I don’t see any. Cameroon has this (with Embiid and Pascal Siakam). With the elements that evolve at the university, those who have been drafted, players in Europe, we can really have a very, very good team.

Do you still have hope on this?
We will continue to work, no matter what. Now it’s his personal choice. Maybe he’ll join us later, that’s what we hope. But if all the talents do that, it’s sad for the African continent. »


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