Ja Morant hit by karma, fans humiliate him!

It’s no longer really a secret, Ja Morant is a fairly confident player with the Grizzlies, perhaps a little too rightly. An old statement in the playoffs has just come back in the face of the leader, who must be a little discreet. Whatever, the interested party is already eager to find the floors, in order to close a few mouths with his team.

Excellent this season with the Grizzlies, Ja Morant injured his knee during the series against the Warriors, compromising his team’s chances. That does not mean that Memphis would have beaten the Californian franchise, but the absence of the leader necessarily penalized the roster. What is certain is that we will have to follow the next clashes between Golden State and Memphis carefully, especially saw the clash between Morant and Draymond Green.

Ja Morant badly criticized on Twitter!

The two men want to do battle on the floor, and it may be true for another player: Jonathan Kuminga, who can have a smile. After some teasing about the Grizzlies, the Warrior was criticized by Ja Morant. The tweet dates back to May 14, but is completely demolished today, and for good reason, the Dubs have won the title.

You have to take the lead before talking like that kid 😂😂

Can Morant speak like this, knowing that he hasn’t achieved anything yet in his young career? Probably not. But lo and behold, after the title, Kuminga is now a much better experience than Ja. Some Internet users have therefore insisted on recalling it:

Lol, do you have this? @JaMorant

I tried to create a rivalry with the Warriors. Already try to win something kid.

And Jonathan now Kuminga has more rings than your entire team. Let it simmer a bit 😂

Ja Morant’s trash talk? Suffice to say that he did not amuse Internet users, even those of the Grizzlies. Now, Jonathan Kuminga can boast of having a ring, which is far from certain for his counterpart. Whatever happens, the clash next year will be explosive.

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