James Harden’s incredible request for the Sixers!

Not asked for excellent since his arrival at the Sixers, James Harden has not been joking for a few weeks. The Barbu got to work to get back to his best level, to the point that he made a lot of sacrifices. This is the case outside the prosecution after his crazy request to Daryl Morey, remains to be seen if it will work.

Beaten last year by the Heat, the Sixers will return in a few months, always with the objective of winning this title. Joel Embiid has never hidden his ambitions, especially since James Harden joined this roster. Unfortunately, the Bearded man did not have the expected impact, especially in the playoffs where he was very discreet. A falling level which has been worrying for some time, but which the person concerned wishes to settle.

Since the beginning of summer, harden don’t be idle. The latter is doing a lot of physical preparation, with weight loss to return to his best level, like his prowess with the Rockets. The fans are impatient, especially since the number 1 made the ultimate gesture this summer, in order to show his commitment to the Sixers. Rather than take a big payday, Harden turned down more than 10 million to help his team recruit, including PJ Tucker.

The gesture of James Harden which proves that he wants to win everything!

A remarkable arrival at the Sixers, and possible thanks to the gesture of the Bearded. The latter confirms it with Yahoo Sports, in an interview with Chris Haynes, he wants to grab the title for this season. He no longer cares about money according to his words, his priority is now to win. This should please Embiid and company, who want to hit hard in the East.

“I told Daryl Morey to improve the roster, sign whoever he wanted and give me the leftovers. That’s how much I want to win. I want to compete for this title…I’m willing to take less to try to accomplish that. »

A very strong gesture for Harden, who wants to win a title, and with the Sixers. For some, Russell Westbrook should even be inspired by it:

Westbrick should take notes

James Harden is entering a new stage in his career, where winning is the most important thing for him. A perfect scenario for the Sixers, even if the competition is fierce in the Eastern Conference. But if the Bearded man finds his best level, it could hurt quite a bit.

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