Jason Lancha, best player in the French Firefighters Championship

Handball, Jason Lancha has always had it in his heart and continues to practice it with fervor. He now plays for the Sdis du Bas-Rhin team, the region where he is now professionally.

With this team, he competed in the French Handball Firefighter Championship in Corsica and won the prize for best player. A price specified according to fair play, the number of goals scored in each match, tactics, playing time in the tournament…

“My father played in the Loire team, but we did not play against each other”

The young Rouchon started handball at Louis-Grüner college and then quickly joined the Handball club Roche/Saint-Genest. “I have many memories of this club. We had a good team and we made a good climb. We were able to evaluate in the Regional. When we went to under 18, some players left, I took a little break but in seniors we all found ourselves. »

In the Lancha family, father David is a professional firefighter and the two sons Quentin and Jason too.

All three are also handball players and played together in the Loire team during the Handball Firefighters Championship, which took place in Saint-Genest-Lerpt in 2017.

It was in 2018 that Jason became a professional firefighter. After passing his competition, a year and a half later, he joined the Sdis du Bas-Rhin, more precisely the southern barracks of Strasbourg where he arrived on the first day of confinement.

“When I arrived, I did not know the big world. I was able to find a hand club last September and play this year. In addition, with the Sdis 67 team, I joined the departmental team. »

This one took part on June 9, 10 and 11 in the French Firefighter Handball Championship in Corsica, a competition which brings together the twenty best teams. The Sdis 67 team finished 11e and that of Sdis Loire finished 14e. “My father played in the Loire team, but we didn’t play against each other. »

No question for the young firefighter to stop the hand, he is determined to continue: “It’s a sport that combines cardio, physical contact. It’s a great team sport, and the team is kind of the basis of our job”.

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