Jean-Henri Prigent exhibits his paintings at the Carantec golf course – Carantec

For his exhibition at the club house of the Carantec golf course, Jean-Henri Prigent chose to create six atmospheres by creating a dozen canvases among the hundred works that the painter has. “Each atmosphere brings together two paintings that have a common theme, landscapes, nudes, portraits of women, umbrellas or even countryside scenes”, confides the Carantecois who uses acrylic exclusively for his paintings.

If he began to paint at the age of 16, fascinated then by the little Dutch masters like Vermeer, it was once retirement came, after a career as a dental surgeon, that he devoted himself to his passion. “I started by making reproductions, then trained by an Art Deco in Paris, I learned to take some distance”, confesses the one who is also president of the Salon des arts de Carantec, and for whom “to paint is always an inexhaustible source of pleasure”.


Until July 2, Jean-Henri Prigent exhibition, Carantec golf course. FREE ENTRANCE.

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