Jerami Grant transferred to the Blazers!

Woj Bomb as the insider announces that the Blazers and Pistons have reached an agreement for a trade. Very hot for months to recover Jerami Grant, the Blazers welcome him in exchange for a first-round draft 2025 (via Milwaukee) protected Top 4 and a swap of choice (Detroit recovers the 36 against the 46 of this draft). In addition, in the deal, Denver recovers a second round draft pick from Portland, and Portland will send the best second round of 2026 between its own and that of the Pelicans (which they have) to the Pistons.

At first glance this seems like a hell of a deal since we assume that we should at least let go of their 7th choice this year.

The winger, who took on a new dimension in Michigan, did not interest a lot of franchises: Heat and Hawks in particular.

The Blazers were looking for a solid winger who could bring both sides of the field to support Damien Lillardand on paper this recruit is very interesting and should please the point guard.

He comes out of a season with 19.2 points at 42.6% including 35.8% from afar, 4.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists. He only played 47 games, injured a good part of the season. He will be eligible to sign an extension during the summer of up to $112 million over 4 years.

In the case the Pistons will create a commercial exception of 21 million dollars and now have a ceiling of 43 million, which will allow them to offer a max contract and other nice contracts if necessary. They would be particularly very hot on Deandre Ayton. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them offer him the max.


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