Joel Embiid is now naturalized French!

It is written black on white in the Official Journal: since July 5, 2022, Joel Embid is naturalized French! Evasive on the question when questioned, the pivot of the Sixers therefore went to the end of the process, and he can therefore now claim a selection in the French team.

As for Lorenzo Brown, naturalized Spanish, the hypothesis of the presence of Embiid in the jersey of the Blues for the 2023 World Cup and / or the 2024 Olympic Games should cause a lot of ink to flow.

It has been four years since the rumor of the arrival of the Cameroonian pivot in the French team has been circulating, and the reactions have not been lacking. Starting with the player himself.

“I never said I was going to play for France, just that it was a possibility. We never know. I never thought about playing at international level until then because I have to be healthy first. I have to play a few years (injury-free) before thinking of a national team,” he explained in May. “After that, it’s complicated. I come from Cameroon but there are many problems. They have to sort this all out. I love my country, I am patriotic. I want to play for my country. If I have a choice to make, it will be Cameroon first, if there is a good environment, because that’s where I come from. But at some point, it won’t be my decision alone. There is also the team (Philadelphia), which invested 150 million dollars on me. It’s a lot of money to let their player go to a place where there wouldn’t be a good medical environment. So, there is my country, there is France, there is the United States too. I just want to be in a good frame. »

“We will have to have the agreement of FIBA, which tends to favor players who would strengthen African countries”

On the side of the Federation, it was recognized that contacts were made.

“We had contact with him, Patrick Beesley (manager of the Blues) saw him in the United States but we did not open a file. He loves France, he has family here” had thus explained Jean-Pierre Siutat, the president of the FFBB, at the time. “We can imagine that for someone trained in France, who has the culture, but to get a guy like him, certainly extraordinary, and naturalize him to strengthen the team, I don’t believe in it. He does not have French nationality. You don’t naturalize people so easily. And that would take time. Then, we will have to have the agreement of FIBA, which tends to favor players who would have strengthened African countries. I also imagine the outcry that this provoked in other countries. We’ll see but I don’t believe it. »

As for Boris Diaw, manager of the French team, he was simply waiting for everything to be official to go further.

“I know that he personally took naturalization procedures and that he would then retain the ability to play for France.. That being said, we are not proceeding the cart before the horse and we are waiting for these steps to succeed. »

As they have succeeded, there are no longer any obstacles to France arriving with a Gobert-Embiid pair at the World Cup, if France is qualified, or especially at the 2024 Olympics.

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