Joel Embiid obtained American citizenship

After becoming French, Philadelphia Sixers (NBA) player Joel Embiid obtained an American passport.

After obtaining a French passport, the Cameroonian by birth Joel Embid (2.13 m, 28 years old) obtained an American passport according to the Associated press agency.

The Sixers star was sworn in two weeks ago in Philadelphia and explained his choice on the sidelines of his franchise’s training camp on Thursday. “I have been here a long time. My son is American. I live here and it’s a blessing to be an American. So I thought, why not? »

Team USA, a possibility?

In fact, this naturalization now also opens the possibility of defending the colors of Team USA since he does not yet have the FIBA ​​license. When asked, Joel Embiid said it was still too early to think about international competitions. This could threaten the plans of the Blues who no longer hide their desire to bring in the NBA’s top scorer, like the comments made by Boris Diaw on RMC.

“He doesn’t have the FIBA ​​license yet,” explained Boris Diaw. But it would be nice if he could have this license and play for the France team. We know that he has become French so why not, we try to have as many good players as possible and then to make a team that holds up and plays well together. »


September 29, 2022 at 11:14 am

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