KD and Kyrie murdered by a former Nets, gone to a rival!

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are the center of everyone’s Nets conversation this summer, and not necessarily for the right reasons. Already highly criticized by some experts for their desire to leave, they have just been destroyed by a former teammate, freshly gone to a competitor.

The days pass and are alike in Brooklyn, where the controversies are linked without stopping. In fact, since the announcement of the plans to leave Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, nothing is going well with the Nets, which are falling ever more into chaos. After only three seasons and a series of playoffs won, this duo is obviously ready to turn the page… or not!

Indeed, according to the latest information from the Big Apple, the leader would keep continuing the adventure in his heart franchisewith or without his best friend by his side, since he would feel able to shine with Ben Simmons as lieutenant. A potentially positive return, but which will not hide the many internal dysfunctions.

Goran Dragic empties his bag against KD and Kyrie!

For example, the shameful behavior of Cam Thomas with Steve Nash during the Summer League shows that the locker room is gangrenous by a rather deep evil. Freed from all these dramas since his signing in Chicago, the Slovenian Goran Dragic did not hesitate to add a huge log to the blaze by violently destroying Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the media SiolNet Sportal :

When I was released by Toronto last season, I already thought about signing in Chicago. Unfortunately, things did not happen. I finally signed in Brooklyn and played with stars like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and I have to admit it was pretty tough because the focus isn’t on the team, it’s on the individual star performances.

For Goran Dragic, who came through the Nets in hopes of winning the title, the poor collective performance can be explained by the selfishness of the two All-Stars, who thought more about shining individually than winning the title. crew. A very serious accusation which could explain the position of the leaders, who refused to extend Kyrie Irving on the long term and who agreed to exchange KD in the event of a good offer.

One thing is certain, the defendants will not appreciate this message which clearly questions their mentality and their approach to this sport which they love and respect so much. No matter which franchise they find themselves in at the end of the summer, the two will approach meetings against the Bulls with an additional motivation: to silence the “Dragon”, who did not hold back his flames in this interview.

goran Dragic decided to drop a huge bombshell on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving after his time with the Nets, just to throw the franchise a little more into doubt and chaos. The pride of the champions should be suffered in the next clashes.

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