Kenny Atkinson will not coach the Hornets after all!

Officially announced by all the media as the new coach of the Hornets a little over a week ago, Kenny Atkinson has finally decided to… not take the job. A return worthy of the Angels season 7, but which could be explained by a lot of reasons. Spoiler: the title of the Warriors is undoubtedly one.

The match on Tinder had taken place, there was even an appointment where everyone had enjoyed themselves. A beautiful idyll followed and logically a promise of future engagement to undertake things together. It would almost bring tears to your eyes, but Kenny Atkinson will not finally embark on the common adventure with Charlotte. As usual the information comes to us from Adrian Wojnarowski, to believe that the guy owns all the SIM cards in the league, and according to the insider Atkinson would therefore have reconsidered his decision after having conducted several “conversations”. Well, just after an NBA title with Steve Kerr’s luxury assistant position, how strange. Were the two masterminds of the San Francisco franchise discussed and things offered to Atkinson? Remember in passing that Mike Brown left the technical team this summer, leaving Ken the number two position in the tactical hierarchy. It’s all just hypothetical, huh, but why not imagine a passing of the torch in a few years when Kerr hangs up the board?

In any case, if this decision is not motivated by development prospects, it means that either Atkinson was as round as a shovel tail after the victory and had a blast, or it’s weird. At the same time, it is conceivable to go in its direction. Head coach in Charlotte? Alright: Miles Bridges is having fun weed in the evening with a nice purple liquid in his cup, while Montrezl Harrell is caught by the patrol with several kilos of Marie-Jeanne. Hey, that’s a cool atmosphere. Sorry LaMelo, but you have to tell your friends to calm down a bit huh. And so on the other side, you have the opportunity to play a back to back with a legendary NBA team, which has great young profiles to develop. If on paper the choice is on our side made quickly, then just imagine in Kenny’s head. Another very important factor to take into account: Atkinson has already experienced the position of head coach in Brooklyn, and therefore knows the responsibilities, the light that it can bring… all the more so when you know all the work he has done for get the Nets back on track. Deciding not to take such an opportunity is therefore undoubtedly the result of a reflection that may be vague, but at the very least wise.

Sorry Michael, tonight I can’t come I have champagne shower in San Francisco. I’m not coming tomorrow either by the way… actually find someone else *beep beep beep*. Kenny Atkinson chose the Californian comfort zone, but hey, given the context here and there, it’s somewhat understandable.

Source: ESPN / Twitter @AdrianWojnarowski

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