“Kevin Durant against LeBron James, the Lakers must say yes”

The rumors surrounding the transfer of Kevin Durant took the lead in the wing, in particular because the Brooklyn Nets obviously refuse to sell off one of the best players in the league. But it’s also because he’s really strong that several franchises should think about bringing him in. To pay Robert Horryfor example, the Los Angeles Lakers would do well to accept if the Brooklyn Nets offered their superstar in exchange for james lebron.

“If you are Rob Pelinka, you have to do this business”, assures the former NBA champion, quoting the GM of the Californian franchise.

Robert Horry mainly mentioned the fact that, according to him, only two players are untransferable in the NBA: Stephen Curry and Luka Doncic. Hence the sequence with LeBron James. It seems obvious that the Lakers aren’t making this trade anyway. They would like to have KD, yes, but with LeBron James. Not without him. And even though Durant is a bit younger, it’s not like they’re going to rebuild the team around him next.

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