Kevin Durant left to stay at the Brooklyn Nets?

And if jerry west was right again? The strategist, now leaders of the Los Angeles Clippers, thinks that Kevin Durant will not be traded by the Brooklyn Nets.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst agrees. For him, the Nets would prefer to keep the star because they would find the counterparties offered not up to par.

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“For Kevin Durant, that’s what there is: nothing at all,” he said on the show Cet Up. “There is nothing new. The executives are leaving the Summer League. They go on vacation. At this point, the Nets prefer Kevin Durant to stay with them. There is no proposed trade that they like.

A huge question and what the league kind of expects to know is what Durant thinks. He is the one who asked to be traded. Has he changed his mind now that some trade leads have become obscured? »

The tracks leading him to his favorite destinations seem to have taken a turn for the worse. A month ago his business manager Rich Kleiman reported to ESPN that the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat had the favors of Kevin Durant.

But the Brooklyn Nets logically want very heavy counterparties in exchange for their mega star. Requests that have visibly cooled Miami. And the Suns weren’t ready to let go too much either.

By tying the Pacers’ proposal, they were kept Deandre Ayton. But they couldn’t bring the big man into a trade until January 15, 2023.

So there’s a good chance the Suns won’t have enough to convince the Nets to make a trade.

In short, Kevin Durant’s favorite destinations have turned into a dead end. And obviously, no team has yet made a satisfactory offer for BK.

And Kevin Durant could therefore be brought to stay. Unless the Brooklyn Nets revise their claims downward. But given the talent of the player, they have no reason to do so. Unless this one is in a James Harden state of mind when he wanted to leave the Rockets. And that he makes them understand that he can rot the situation…

Kevin Durant, the Nets considered too greedy?

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