Kevin Durant reacts to Charles Barkley’s outing about him

Kevin Durant did not ask for anything, but for the past few days we have been talking a lot about him following the title of the Warriors, who have returned to the heights since his departure while he is still looking for a new ring. Not a day goes by without it discussing its case or comparing it with CJ McCollum. Charles Barkley in particular declared that it was necessary that KD win a title by being “the driver of the bus” to have more recognition

“Kobe Bryant said, ‘I had to win a title without Shaq. LeBron James said: “I had to win a title without Wade and Chris Bosh. This is how it works. Before KD gets this great respect from all the “oldies”, he will have to earn a title as a bus driver. He joined this team that has already won a title, no disrespect to him, it’s just a fact… Until he is the leader of a champion team, he will probably never be given respect that he deserves. The game has not changed. Kobe said it, LeBron said it, we’re going to hold it to the same high standard. »

Obviously KD did not appreciate it too much and he reacted:

“All that shit is mean, another terrible analogy of a hateful old head who can’t accept that we make more money than them. It’s just timing Chucky, it’s not the players. »


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