Khabib ready to come out of retirement on one condition?

Khabib Nurmagormedov has been retired for more than two years from now on, he has just been inducted into the Hall of Fame in a big ceremony, so it is very unlikely to see him return to competition one day. But for his former coach, there is one more thing that could force him into the octagon.

The specter of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s plane still looms over the UFC, more than two years after his retirement. The former lightweight champion was inducted into the Hall of Fame in a grand ceremony, where he gave wonderful advice to Ciryl Ganeand he is now the coach of several big prospects, which makes the idea of ​​a return unlikely.

And then, the reason for this early departure is not sporting, not physical, he is simply keeping the promise made to his mother in the midst of a pandemic. After losing his father and mentor Abdulmanap to COVID, The Eagle has vowed never to step back into the octagon without being accompanied by whoever introduced him to martial arts.

Khabib Nurmagomedov ready to avenge Islam Makhachev?!

But according to his former Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach Leandro Vieira, there is still hope that he will return to competition in the coming months, and everything will depend on Islam Makhachev’s results. The coach spoke in a recent interview, and the site Flayer transcribed his remarks. For him, if Charles Oliveira continues to dominate, Khabib will come to end his supremacy in person.

Islam Makhachev is excellent in defense, and this is especially noticeable in the cage, as he is very smart with his knee control to fend off opponents. If he feels in danger on the ground, he only has to help himself with his knee to get back on his feet, so I don’t think he will avoid Charles Oliveira at all costs. On the other hand, if Charles defeats him, I sincerely believe that Khabib will come back to avenge him.

Charles Oliveira is perhaps the most dangerous man currently in the UFC, he who has the power to knock out his opponents, but above all a monumental technique on the ground to submit them. But for Leandro Vieira, who knows the Khabib camp well, Islam Makhachev will not be afraid to rub shoulders with the Brazilian and go to the ground with him, even if it means taking risks and losing.

If this disaster scenario occurs, it is certain that The Eagle will come out of retirement to restore the honor of the Dagestan fighters. An unfounded hypothesis, but which will still make the biggest fans of the former lightweight champion dream. Many are those who fantasize about a return, this declaration will set the fire to the powder.

A few years ago, Georges St-Pierre returned to the competition time for one evening to win one last championship title, before finding the calm of retirement. Khabib Nurmagomedov could take inspiration from this and face Charles Oliveira…

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