Klay Thompson’s first totally unlikely decision after the title!

It is well known by all NBA followers: Klay Thompson is a personality apart, who lives in his bubble without ever really sticking to the outside world. Not, therefore, surprising to have found it in a totally improbable place just after the title of the Warriors…

As is always the case after major sports trophies, the last few nights have been long for the Warriors. The party was quite hearty for Steph Curry and others, who emptied countless bottles to celebrate this particular coronation compared to the others. Moreover, Steve Kerr did not even hide the fact that he was still drunk during his interview with the media when he got off the plane in San Francisco. And of course, no one will blame him!

Klay Thompson spotted in unlikely location in San Francisco

For Klay Thompson, the program was something a little different. If he honored alcoholic beverages, true to his reputation, the return to normal life was much more surprising for the Splash Bro, who came back from hell this season after almost 3 years without playing. This is how, to everyone’s surprise, Killa Klay went solo… to a banal fast food restaurant in the Bay.

Klay Thompson landed at In-N-Out as soon as he got back to the Bay! A guy of the people!

A big California night? A ride on a yacht? A house party dream ? Nothing of that. Thompson prefers to go for good two-dollar burgers in this fast-food chain. Unsurprisingly, this shot did not fail to amuse Internet users and make them react:

We identify so easily with Klay. He’s just too easy to love.

The worst way on earth to celebrate something so special. The bro should have gone to the ocean instead!

I don’t know if he had put on the sunglasses to be discreet, but with the NBA champion’s cap, he’s burnt…

In a characteristic look and far from what one can imagine for freshly crowned NBA players, Klay Thompson has found a pleasure in simple life after the season. A child image.

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