Kockott, when the legend puts himself at the service of the team

In all likelihood, Rory Kockott will not end his playing career with a Top 14 final. . The Castres staff prefer the Uruguayan Santiago Arata and the child of the country, trained at the club, Jérémy Fernandez. A fierce competitor like Kockott doesn’t have to like, ask, but he stays pro until the end.

Last Friday evening, against Toulouse (24-18), in the semi-final of the Top 14, we saw him tirelessly put himself at the service of his teammates during the warm-up on the lawn of the Allianz Riviera in Nice . “Humanly, it is sure that it is a difficult choice, recognizes David Darricarrère, the CO three-quarter coach. But we are also here for the athlete. Above all, we have to think about that. Afterwards, Rory is 200% involved. As he is one of the leaders, he gives his opinion and participates in all meetings. There is no problem, he is really part of this group of players, even if he is not on the team sheet. He is as important off the pitch as he is on the pitch. He gives himself as much as if he were a starter. »

Soon to be a member of the sports team?

And who knows, maybe Rory Kockott, a true local legend in Castres, double champion of France (2013 and 2018), will still be at the club next season in another costume. “We have the project to see him insert the sports coaching next season, since our defense coach (Joe Worley) we leave and must return to England, recently confided CO President Pierre-Yves Revol. We are in discussion with Rory. I hope it will succeed, but I am not yet able to confirm it to you. »


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