“Kyrie has been a very selfish person and player”

The discussions around an extension are said to be at a standstill between Kyrie Irving and the Nets, and it didn’t take long for exit rumors to surface for the man who started his season in January as a part-time player. Consultant for ESPN and former NBAer, Matt Barnes called the leader selfish, and believes that he must now be proven, by his presence on the ground, his investment before he can sign a new big check.

“I’m sure the guys in the locker room still love him, they just want to see a commitment from him. We hear ‘Should he receive the max or not?’. The talent is undeniable, what his debating is the character and his willingness to be there and fight with the rest of his teammates every day on the pitch. And like Sean Marks said, someone who’s going to put the team before himself. And about Kyrie it’s no secret. We respect his decision on the vaccine, but he was a very selfish person and player. He left the franchise in uncertainty, his friend Kevin Durant too. What people want to know is this guy is capable of showing real commitment. So if he can play 60, 70 games this season, he will have his max contract next year, there is no doubt about it. They just want to know the answer to the question ‘can we count on you when we need you?’ For the moment it’s not, but he will hear that all summer, it will perhaps make him tilt. »

[…] I would love to see Kyrie and KD finish what they started. I’m a fan of what the Tsai family, what they managed to do there, how they integrated a culture, but Kyrie is very important in that. If I was a role player there would I want Kyrie to stay? Absolutely, because I know what he’s capable of, I just have to as a teammate know if he’s going to be there. Do he and KD have this type of relationship where KD can look him in the eye and ask him, ‘Will you be there for me? Will you be my wingman, can I be yours? Are we going to do what we planned to do?’.

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