Kyrie Irving on the start, 3 teams including the Lakers on top!

While he could extend his contract with the Nets this summer, Kyrie Irving still had to find an agreement with his leaders. But as we feared in Brooklyn, the negotiations are not progressing. Worse, the situation seems to be regressing. The divorce could even happen according to Shams Charania, who reveals that the Lakers, among others, are on the lookout…

Often absent last season because of his refusal to be vaccinated, Kyrie Irving has been much debated for a few months in Brooklyn. Sometimes disappointing on his return despite a few blows, Uncle Drew divided the Nets fanbase on the merits of a long-term extension. It is in these not obvious conditions, and after a clear and flawless sweep in the first round of the playoffs, that discussions were to begin between the former Cavs and the New York franchise.

Kyrie Irving on the way out?! Shams drop the bomb

Should we provide the maximum to the player, he who is not known to be the most regular on the floor? The leaders of the Nets do not seem in any case not ready, and the negotiations skate severely. According to Shams Charania, the front office just can’t come to terms with Irving for the future. Under these conditions, the insider tells us that Irving has begun to probe the market for opportunities. And several leaders are on the lookout.

Kyrie Irving and the Nets are at an impasse over the player’s future, allowing an All-Star to land on the market. The Lakers and Knicks are among the contenders.

Remember that Kyrie can become a free agent this summer if he refuses his player option at the end of June. Suffice to say that it is a major decision that is coming, because the facts are there: Uncle Drew is able to go free as the air, unlike players like James Harden or Ben Simmons who were bound by a contract during their respective sagas, and which therefore necessarily had to be traded.

If Irving is indeed available, we can obviously expect many contenders for the point guard, despite a more random rating than in the past. For the time being, and still according to Shams Charania, there are indeed three teams in total that would be in the race:

The Lakers, Knicks and Clippers are among the contenders to reclaim Irving, multiple sources have told The Athletic.

Kyrie Irving and the Nets, it could obviously end quickly. The leader could leave, and it remains to be seen whether it will be this summer, or the one after. The competition is already on the way, and Kevin Durant will wake up with funny news on his phone. In any case, the soap opera seems set to last…

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