Kyrie Irving sends a big message to the Nets!

Quoted on departure since Kevin Durant’s trade request, does Kyrie Irving really want to leave the Nets? Nothing is confirmed, but the leader has just given the trend on his Instagram account. It must be believed that the interested party is not therefore against the idea of ​​​​staying, even if like KD, he does not have the luxury of choosing.

While rumors already send him to the Lakers, Kyrie Irving remains a Nets player for the time being. This could also continue for a long time, since his file is put on stand-by by his team. The idea of ​​the front office? 100% focus on KD’s upcoming trade, which means Uncle Drew is going to have to be patient to figure out his future. Stay in Brooklyn? Perhaps nothing should be ruled out on this subject.

After all, and just days before Durantula’s request, Irving had made the choice to activate his player option. The goal was simple: stay in the Big Apple to try to win a title. His intention was clear, but the KD episode turned his future upside down. When the superstar wants to leave, the rest of the roster is in danger, and even Kyrie is no exception.

Kyrie Irving left to stay with the Nets?

The Lakers hope to take advantage of this in the coming weeks, although a trade is still a long way off. But is it really the will of the player? A relative confirmed it : Kyrie doesn’t want to leave Brooklyn. He came here to win a title, and intends to achieve his goal. A trend that is confirmed with the last story of the player, who shared photos of fans… with a Nets jersey.

Nothing can be concluded from a simple story, but it’s clear that Irving has nothing against the Nets jersey. We imagine that if he could choose, the leader would continue his adventure in Brooklyn, except that it is the leaders who have the last word. With KD leaving, there’s every reason to believe that a turnaround is impossible, which means Kyrie will have to prepare to play for another team in the fall.

If the Angelinos are the big favorites, especially with the presence of LeBron James, who pushes in this direction, watch out for a surprise. Competition exists for Irving, who remains a caught player, at least if he is able to play at his best. There are still doubts, which is why Rob Pelinka refuses to give in on a relatively surprising point. If the exchange is played on that, we imagine that the critics will fuse.

If Kevin Durant wants to leave the Nets, that doesn’t mean the same is true for Kyrie Irving. The latter makes it clear that he does not seem to be staying a little longer in the Big Apple, but he has no say in the outcome of the case. It should be fixed in the coming weeks.

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