Kyrie Irving’s future definitely sealed?!

Several weeks after his supposed trade request, Kyrie Irving’s future is still up in the air… Lakers fans dream of seeing him land, other franchises are watching him, and obviously, his future would be definitively sealed. Towards an end of the soap opera in the coming days?

Kyrie Irving is as unpredictable in life as it is on the pitch, which is to say how complicated his movements are to grasp. For example, this weekend, the Nets point guard apparently had a Drew League date with LeBron James and DeMar DeRozan, but he ended up having a Drew League date. preferred to go to a camp to teach the basics of the game to young girls.

In the same way, it is particularly difficult to know what the point guard really wants this summer… One week, the Lakers are his only priority, the team in which he sees himself being evaluated and winning titles. The next he wants to stay in Brooklyn, his heart franchise, whether with or without his best friend Kevin Durant in the workforce. Journalists cannot agree on a version, proof that sources close to the player are confused.

Kyrie Irving aware that he will stay in Brooklyn!

Leave ? Won’t leave? Very clever is the one who can affirm it with certainty in the heart of this month of July. But obviously, a trend would start to unleash in Brooklyn, and it might appeal to fans. According to Jake Fischer of Launderer’s report, the leader would be well on his way to staying at home, and he was perfectly fine with this idea. Everything is about to return to order at the Nets.

From what I hear from people in the league, Kyrie accepts the fact that he has a huge chance of returning to Brooklyn next season.

While Lakers fans still dream of welcoming him, while the Heat begins to position itself on the backrest, Kyrie Irving would be aware that his future is written at the Nets, and he accepts this fact. While the chaos was complete in the franchise a few weeks ago, everything would finally seem to be back in order, something to put a smile on the face of many fans.

Because if Uncle Drew stays, there’s a good chance that Kevin Durant also continue the adventure in the Big Apple for another season. And with Ben Simmons still on the roster, along with trigger guards Joe Harris and Seth Curry, the Nets had to do much better than the first-round sweep against the Celtics. They will probably only have one season to win the title, it’s up to them to respond.

Kyrie Irving is a player smart enough to understand the complexity of his situation and accept a possible return to Brooklyn. There are worse scenarios than playing the title in your favorite franchise, which should help put it into perspective.

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