Lanmezan. BP apprentice students, they made eleven ball washers

Four students from the Paul Mathou high school in Gourdan-Polignan created eleven ball washers for the Lannemezan golf course. The story goes like this: Marie-Françoise Barousse is a high school English teacher. She is also a golf executive and a golfer herself. She makes the following observation: “at the Lannemezan golf course we are, she says, always looking to improve our 18-hole course. equipment – ​​ball washers – allowing them to clean their balls. acting on the welding, shaping and bending of steel, the material from which the ball washers are made, in his pocket an employment contract with companies in the Comminges region, as of the next school year. In agreement with Alexandre Miniho , their workshop teacher and Frédéric Deshons, the head of the works, explains Marie-Françoise Barousse, we entrusted the construction of the 11 ball washers to apprentice students Paul and Louis Defuso, Laurentin Cames and Etienne Fort. with great motivation and great professionalism. A manufacture of ball washers which arises for young apprentice students as practical work in situation. On the principle of a ball washer is composed of a water tank in which are fixed s two fixed brushes.

Thanks to a mobile pallet where the ball is inserted, and thanks to an alternating movement between the two brushes the ball is cleared of the earth and sand that stick to it. “As a teacher, welcomes Marie-Françoise Barousse, I am proud of the work done by the apprentices as well as the investment they have shown”.

Invited to lunch by Michel Hucher, the president of the golf course who financed this action, the latter warmly thanked them and congratulated them for their action, their competence and their professionalism. The ball washers were deployed on the golf course by golfers Jacques Bize, Christian Anette and Norbert Embun.

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