Lanmezan. Christophe Saint Paul crowned French Para tennis champion

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Victim of a car accident which left him paraplegic in 2008, Christophe Saint Paul was motivated by sport. He won in tennis in Grenoble.

Christophe Saint Paul paraplegic champion from Lannemezan won the title of individual French champion in 3rd series paratennis during the specialty championships which took place from Wednesday 22 to Sunday 26 June in Grenoble in Isère. With at the end the accession in 2nd series. Christophe was first selected among the 8 best French. In the final he won with the score of 6-0, 2-6, 6-2.

Para tennis is the disabled version of tennis. It can be played both individually and in teams of two. It obeys exactly the same rules as tennis for the able-bodied, except that two rebounds instead of just one are allowed before the ball is taken.

Christophe Saint Paul is from Lannemezan. Aged 44, he says he has practiced paratennis for 20 years with Action Tennis Canton Ossun (ATCO). “Already, he says, with the club team, in 2018 we had won the title of champion of France in the 2nd series”. In order to prepare for the French championships in Grenoble, Christophe took part in many tournaments: Grau du Roi, Clermont-Ferrand, Niort Marseille, Annecy etc.

In addition to the sporting side, Christophe’s life is the story of a man who does not let himself go, who has set himself ambitions. “I need sport, says the French champion, not to forget my handicap, but to live with it. In addition, I practice skiing on board my dual ski, as well as the handibike, this bike in a lying position, moved by the force of the arms”.

His life changed in 2008 when a car accident left him paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. “It was very difficult, concedes Christophe, I felt like I had lost everything, and I had a big period of discouragement and even dark thoughts. Fortunately my family and friends who turned out to be from true friends and who are, helped me to accept and to live with my handicap One day in Tarbes chance made me meet Bernard Torralva, the president of the Action Tennis Canton of Ossun (ATCO) who said that he was setting up a disabled tennis section. I wanted to discover the discipline first to clear my mind, to get out of my routine because at the time I was not thinking about competition. I took to the game and in April 2018 with the club we were titled champion of France 2nd series during the championship which was disputed in Marseille. For me, the machine was acquired “. Today Christophe lives in Lannemezan and shares his life with Caroline, his partner. Professionally, Christophe is a draftsman within the company Bigorre Construction Métallique. “After the title of champion of France, my objective, indicates Christophe, is to maintain me in the 2nd series. But it’s another level that requires a lot of investment, especially financial, it’s going to be very difficult. am looking for partners who could help me financially. Given the number of competitions and tournaments, it will not be easy to reconcile sport, my professional life and my family life. I would like to ask my valid sparring partners, Théo, Nicolas, Tanguy, Albert and my trainer Guillaume Renaud from the TCAO Next Tournament for Christophe in Ossun-Azereix at the end of August.

To contact Christophe: [email protected]

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