Laure Robson explains Emma Raducanu’s impact on British tennis.

Laura Robson thinks Emma Raducanu deserves more recognition. She claims the 19-year-old has already changed tennis in Britain. Laura Robson, who announced her retirement from tennis this year, says Britain’s kids are inspired by Raducanu and his journey to the 2021 US Open title has inspired many youngsters in his country to pick up a racket and play. try tennis.

“I did this Wimbledon interview for a local primary school and asked the kids what their favorite player was and almost all of them said Emma,” Robson told Tennis365.

“It’s so cool. It’s an inspiration to the kids. They all watched the US Open last year and they couldn’t wait to see it at Wimbledon. It’s cool to know that in five years, they will have seen Emma grow up and that they themselves will be teenagers at that time.

There is no doubt that Emma has had a huge impact on young people. They see what she accomplished at the US Open and they want to try tennis. It’s great for our sport.”

Robson thinks Raducanu will be fine

Her victory at the US Open, Raducanu has since struggled with her game and some go so far as to call the 19-year-old a one-night miracle.

However, Robson isn’t giving up on Raducanu as she believes the 19-year-old simply needs more time and experience. “She’s so exciting to watch,” Robson added of Raducanu.

“She just needs a good set of training and competitions to get her body used to playing week after week. It seems strange to talk about Emma and say she needs to win games because she doesn’t is only in his first year of career.

She has already reached the highest peaks and I have no doubt that she will return to this level once she has chained the matches” After a defeat in the second round at Wimbledon, Raducanu should return to competition in two weeks at the Citi Open from Washington.

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