Lavalanet. Local mission and rugby hand in hand

Touching on the discovery of sports activities, that could be of interest to young people in connection with the local mission of the country of the Cathar Pyrenees. It is chosen done with sessions on the Paul-Bergère stadium, an adapted rugby ball in the hands, for a dozen teenagers.

And who is more competent to lead the sessions than Alain Augé, technical adviser of the Lavelanétien Stadium to the Occitanie Region, assisted by Melky Benackcha, on a training course as a professional integration adviser.

Several sessions of two hours each are scheduled, under the watchful eye of Jérôme Duroudier, first deputy and one of the pillars of the local mission. “The objective, to transpose the values ​​of rugby to work: the spirit of cohesion, self-esteem, solidarity, perseverance, underlines Alain Augé. And why not cause some people to click and get them to play in a club? “.

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