Lavalanet. The rugby school ended the season in conviviality

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The Rugby du Pays d’Olmes rugby school closed a season with a party where nothing was missing: sun, games and conviviality.

The Pays d’Olmes Rugby Party (RPO) took place at the facilities of the Lopez-Tremesaygues stadium in Laroque-d’Olmes. Everything was ready to welcome the public from 10:30 a.m.: the sun, the inflatable structures, the barnums in the colors of the RPO, the refreshment bar, the fryers, the plancha and a high-performance sound system, like the host…

Educators, support club volunteers, leaders and parents were present. They performed their duties brilliantly.

At the reception barnum, Valérie, Laurie, Géraldine and Sandra offered new arrivals raffle tickets, drinks and meals. Throughout the day, the activities around rugby offered by Sébastien, Guillaume, Christophe, Kévin, Stéphane, Antoine, Stéphane G., Nordine and Stéphane P., followed one another, interspersed with challenges and moments of relaxation thanks to the structures. inflatables, under the unfailing responsibility of Dorian.

The lunch break allowed us to eat thanks to an excellent paella and local grilled meats decorated with fries prepared by Laroquais volunteers, assisted by Benoit, Sébastien and Frédéric.

The refreshment bar run by Marie and Florence in the morning, Evan, Mélodie and Hugo in the afternoon, was always full and helped to avoid dehydration in the high heat.

spoiled children

One of the highlights of the day was the meeting between educators and young people from the RPO. Even if some have nice leftovers, this is where you realize that there is a time for everything… The day went a little overboard and ended with a shooting competition much appreciated rope. Thanks to Carine, representative of the Peyrot group, loyal partner of the RPO, who offered two signed jerseys from the clubs of Castres (Top 14) and Carcassonne (Pro D2). They were entered into the raffle.

Each child was able to leave with a bag filled with various prizes offered by the Regional Council, the Departmental Council and the Chullanka group, all meticulously prepared by Carine, Hélène, Fabien and Marianne. Stéphane, instigator of the event and relentless animator (with the help of Julie), making long moments of conviviality dynamic and without downtime, deserves a nice round of thanks, just like Christian and Thomas for their logistical help.

The sponsors present during this day, who allowed its organization, also described a tip of the hat.

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