Le Fousseret. Rugby: the UCF version 2022-2023

On Friday, July 1, the Union Cazères le Fousseret includes its general meeting in the Picon room in Le Fousseret. Two hundred people attended this constructive work meeting where the accession to Federal III was proudly discussed. On the recruitment side, the sports managers have worked efficiently. Thirteen recruits are joining the “red blue black” ranks Alexandre Milhorat (VAL15), Flavien Chatelard (Muret), Guillaume Roncil (Saint-Gaudens), Cyprien Combes (Lavaur) Louis Lourdes (VAL 15), Julien Deluc (Carbonne), Daniel Gaussens (Roques), Yvan Dupuy (Sainte-Croix), Fabien Moïta (Séron Bédeille), Benjamin Lacombe (Sainte-Croix), Maurice Matalia (Bourges), Hugo Berges (recovery), Baptiste Pampoulie (recovery). Eight juniors move up to the senior category: Baptiste Gomis, Pierre Portet, Pablo Lazarro, Mathéo Cerros, Thomas Durrieu, Baptiste Arnoul, Mathis Ruffié, Mathis Ruano. A start: Lucas Jacques (Tournefeuille).

Eight Stops: Fabien Arrouy, Geoffrey Querre, Brice Dangla, Damien Duffour, Laurent Campodall Orto, Clément Cherry, Henri Montelon, Kilian Servelera. Technical staff: pennant team coaches: Thierry Raufast, Christophe Séguéla.

Physical trainer: Benjamin Duprez.

Reserve team coaches: Patrick Piédras, Thomas Scapin.

Healers: Lionel Serfs, Patrick Clavié. Osteopath: Marie Thivolle. Video: Anthony Rey, Jean Philippe Anaya.

The club handed over by Fabrice Ferrié and Philipe Cortiade will have a lot to do in this new adventure, the teams will compete against seasoned formations.

The pool is made up as follows: Saint-Gaudens Luchon Boulogne; Isle en Dodon; Benejacq; The Baronies; Pouyastruc; Gan Olympic; Julian XV; OL Ossalois Laruns; Union Cazères le Fousseret XV; American Argelesian.

Training will resume on Friday July 30. The championship will begin on Sunday, September 18. Previously the UCF will contest the challenge of Comminges.b New faces will integrate the group of leaders among them: Viviane Pujol, Isabelle Peyronen, Philippe Granger, Christian Cablanquet, Gérard Beyne, Laurent Sentenac, Jean Mercadal, Alain Roux, Thomas Lajous.

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