Le Vaudreuil confirms the high quality of its participation in the Challenge Golf Tour 2022

Challenge tour volunteers and Jean-Claude Forestier limited the winner of the event. ©The Dispatch of Louviers

In Eure, the conditions were met for the holding and success of the 9e edition of Vaudreuil Golf Challenge 2022 : exceptional weather, a magnificent setting, an endowment of €260,000 (an increase of 50,000 euros) as well as organization and logistics masterfully prepared by the team formed around Jean-Claude Forestierthe owner of the Vaudreuil golf course.

In this context, the quality of the sporting competition was also there.

A thrilling play-off

At the end of the first three days of the Challenge Tour du Vaudreuil, 61 golfers bringing together 16 nationalities (including representatives from different South Africa) were qualified on Sunday July 10 for a high-flying and suspenseful final which delighted the thousand people present around the course of the magnificent Vaudreuil golf course.

The multi-phase movement of golfer Angel Hidalgo – Spain
The multi-phase movement of golfer Angel Hidalgo – Spain. ©The Dispatch of Louviers

The very long Sunday day started at 7:40 a.m. for the furthest in the standings, and ended around 5:30 p.m. following the fourth hole of a breathless play-off between the English Nathan Kimsey (without caddy and carrying his bag) and the Frenchman Robin Sciot-Siegrist. Thus, our English friends are real accustomed to the victories of this challenge since they have won 5 of the 9 editions of the Challenge.

Three French in the top five

The French have distinguished themselves perfectly in this competition, which is attended by many foreign golfers of international reputation. Three in the top 5 of the general classification.

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Ranking of the 2022 challenge tour of Vaudreuil: 1uh Nathan Kimsey (England), 2e Robin Sciot-Siegrist (France), 3e tied: Mathieu Decottognies-Lafon (France), Clément Sordet (France) and Mikael Lundberg (Sweden).

We can note the relative performance of Pierre Pineau from the Altus school of the Vaudreuil golf course who after three good first days (7e in the standings), had a very bad Sunday to end up in 58th place.

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Pierre Pineau at the start of the 4th round on Sunday
Pierre Pineau at the start of the 4th round on Sunday. ©The Dispatch of Louviers

Pierre Pineau has however shown real qualities and all those close to him give him serious room for improvement and a prospect of very good results in the future.

Jean-Claude Forestier very happy with this 9th edition

At the end of four days of competition and at the time of the awards ceremony, Jean-Claude Forestier, owner of the Vaudreuil golf course, was very happy.

Obviously, it was an important meeting for the motivation of the Vaudreuil golf teams. This is the first time in 9 editions that we end in a play off. I thank all the partners, the French golf team, the organizer, the referees and the volunteers.

Jean-Claude Forestier

And he ends on a new positive note: “We will continue the Challenge Tour for another three years. Alongside Jean-Claude Forestier, there was also Eric de Saint Louvent, vice-president of the French Golf Federation, and Frédéric Schmitt, national representative PGA (Professionnels Golf Associés), who is now well known in the region in manager of the Hostellerie de Saint Pierre du Vauvray and member of the Golf du Vaudreuil.

60 years of golf, training young people and preserving the environment

The Vaudreuil golf course is going to experience a great event end of September. It will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of this high place of national golf. The Altus school is at the heart of the development of golf in Vaudreuil and the training and preparation of young golfers for the future.

Happy referees toss their caps
Happy referees toss their caps. ©The Dispatch of Louviers

The environment and the preservation of biodiversity are also a major concern of the French Golf Federation with, in particular, labelling, the reduction of the carbon footprint, rational water management, the reduction of the production of waste from golf courses.

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