LeBron and Westbrook badly tackled by a franchise in a viral tweet!

While the season has not yet started, the atmosphere is far from perfect at the Lakers. LeBron James is for a Kyrie Irving arrival, which would push Russell Westbrook towards the exit. The two men are therefore in conflict given their last appearance in the Summer League, to the point that an opposing franchise has decided to make fun of it a bit.

It’s not the best atmosphere in the world at the Lakers right now, especially after a huge failure last year, without playoffs or play-ins. The roster wants to do better for the new campaign, except that in the meantime, departures are to be noted. Indeed, Russell Westbrook could leave the ship shortly, he who never answered present for his first season in the City of Angels. A destination ? The Nets, in exchange for Kyrie Irving.

For the time being, no agreement has been reached. Brooklyn is not against this trade, but asks for other assets to conclude it, what the Angelinos refuse. Westbrook therefore remains a Laker until further notice, but knowing that LeBron supports this exchange, since he wishes to find Irving, the agreement is not optimal. That, we were able to confirm recently during a Summer League match.

The Pelicans’ disrespectful tackle for the Lakers!

Present to support the young people, LeBron James had gone to an SL match in Las Vegas. Coincidentally, Russell Westbrook was present at the same time, and with the same objective. Problem ? The two men remained each on their side of the floor, and spent their time ignoring each other, despite multiple interactions with other Lakers. The person who takes care of social networks has just had fun with the Pelicans, with his new cover photo.

Attacked by a Lakers fan following this simple photo, the CM of the Pelicans drew in stride, and it was Westbrook and LeBron who took. Sorry for them:

Internet user: “The Pelicans profile photo is a photo of its players. Take notes “

Pelicans: “Yes, our players enjoy sitting next to each other rather than being on opposite sides of the pitch. »

Guided missile for Russell Westbrook and LeBron James, whose lack of interaction the other day continues to be talked about. A fracture in the locker room of the Lakers, and visibly absent from the Pelicans, who welcome it. Considering the 40,000 that I like to reach soon, there is one that could have an increase.

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