LeBron James criticizes the United States on the situation of Brittney Griner

If it was LeBron James, he would have already returned to the United States, right? This is the question posed last week by Vanessa Nygaard, the coach of Britney Griner in Phoenix, before adding: ” It’s a message about the value of women. It’s a message about the value of black people. It’s a message about the value of homosexuals. That’s all. We know it, and that’s what hurts a little more. »

A strong message about the inaction of the United States to get Griner out of Russia, and LeBron James gave a layer of it on his show The Shop. Recorded a few weeks ago, the episode which will soon be broadcast refers to the situation of Griner, imprisoned for more than four months in Russia.

Right now, how can she feel like the United States will develop her? asks the Lakers star. ” I would be in a state of mind where I would ask myself: “Do I really want to go back to the United States?“.

Proposals that caused controversy in the United States, and LeBron was forced to respond to them on social networks.

My proposals in “The Shop” on Brittney Griner were not intended to criticize our beautiful country. I was simply saying what she was probably feeling, as well as so many other emotions, thoughts, and all that, in this geool where she has been for more than 100 days! Long story short, #BringHerHome”.

The family hired a private “negotiator”

This same Tuesday, it was Adam Silver who also spoke about the situation of Griner, who faces 10 years in prison after pleading guilty during the first hearing in a Russian court.

I am convinced that the administration is doing everything it can at this time “Estimates the boss of the NBA. ” There are very complex geopolitical issues here. And I’m sure that while they are relentlessly focused on Brittney, there are other families who are of course concerned about their loved ones who have been held against their will in Russia at this time. … There are some very tough questions the Biden administration has to grapple with about what is appropriate.. »

Faced with a situation that they consider blocked, the family and those close to Griner have decided to hire a private “negotiator”, specializing in the exchange of prisoners.

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