LeBron weighs down an opposing franchise: “They are racist to death”

Since the beginning of his career, LeBron James has always taken great pleasure in destroying the Celtics. A franchise that he clearly does not appreciate, and that he will never join in his career. He doesn’t say it officially, but we can confirm it with his last statement. The next reception at TD Garden promises to be explosive.

james lebron is definitely very talkative at the moment, he who was on his last show The Shop. A place where he can talk about many topics, whether with the basket, or rather in life in general. For example, he was able to put pressure on the Lakers, since the native of Akron wants to give the maximum in order to win a new title. He took advantage of it to tackle Russell Westbrook, and even if he does not quote it clearly, no one is fooled.

LeBron lights up Celtics fans!

No, the King is not contained in this period. But this is not the only statement that will make people talk after the broadcast of this program. The Laker was also able to discuss other topics, including the Celtics and their fans. When discussing the rival franchise, James did not hold back, to the point of attacking the fanbase. For him, things are quite simple: the supporters of this team are racist.

LeBron James on Boston Celtics fans: ‘They’re racist to death’

A scathing attack from the King, who says it clearly: he hates Boston. It’s important to note that he’s not the first to label Celtics fans like this. The legend Bill Russell had held similar proposals, he who nevertheless played for this team. In the comments, the answers are also largely in the direction of LeBron: the fanbase in Massachusetts would not be an example to follow.

Only Celtics fans disagree 😂😂

There’s nothing new in what he’s saying though.

For the little anecdote, LeBron is a shareholder of the Red Sox baseball team, which is located… in Boston. Suffice to say that his words could make a lot of noise in the city.

LeBron James hasn’t hidden it since the start of his career, he has a deep hatred for the Celtics, but especially the city of Boston. Fans will appreciate such remarks, and we imagine that the next confrontation at TD Garden will be explosive. But beware, the King is even better in these hot moments.

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