LeBron’s viral attitude in the middle of a match against a referee!

Well present on the side of the Drew League this Saturday, LeBron James delighted the supporters, who had come in large numbers to see him play basketball. They were not disappointed, even if habits die hard for the King, who notably complained to a referee. Something to amuse a few people.

No need to wait several months to find LeBron James on a basket floor. The latter was present this Saturday on the occasion of the Drew League, alongside DeMar DeRozan, also present to make the show. A small event in the case of the King, since he had not appeared on this floor for more than 10 years. But James wanted to measure up to the competition a bit, while making the young supporters happy.

LeBron still pinned with his behavior!

We can say that it is successful saw her highlights, as the Akron native put on the show with quite a few dunks. But he also made a name for himself with his behavior, especially with a referee. We know that the Laker likes to complain during meetings, and this is the case in the Drew League. It doesn’t matter if the match has no play, or if he’s there to have fun, James isn’t kidding.

We can see it as a problem for James, who spends his time chatting with referees, and even in Drew League. Fortunately, nothing to spoil the game, which ended very well for everyone. Fans will have memories, as will the King’s opponents. After all, it’s not every day you face James on the basketball court.

Another notable fact for LeBron in this part: his change of jersey. He wore the same as his teammates, but with a slight difference, namely that the Adidas logo was hidden. Even for a game in the Drew League, and being under a lifetime contract with Nike, the King does not wish to appear with another brand:

Nice evening for LeBron James, who took this part of the Drew League a little too seriously perhaps. This referee will remember it, as will his opponents on the floor. We will especially remember the positive, and the fact that the King is already opening the door to an upcoming return.

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