Les Bleuets end on a high note

The France under-20 team played in the “U20 Summer Series” in Italy. A tournament organized in the absence of the World Cup.

Les Bleuets left for these “U20 Summer Series” with one ambition: to win this tournament. They finish the competition in fifth place. The observation of the defeat is difficult, especially since it does not honor a team that is already playing at a very high level.

A good mark for the end

The French finished third in their group after their victory against Ireland and their two defeats against England (20-29) and South Africa (27-42). They were therefore playing for fifth place in the tournament against Georgia. A farewell match for many players. End-of-season ritual for the U20s, this year it was the 2002s who played their last match with this under-20 squad.

A match mastered by the Bleuets, the players from the start of the match, they impose their rhythm. However, they sometimes lacked patience to conclude good game sessions. The Georgians, for their part, did not miss their rare opportunities in the French 22 meters: 10-0. The French recovered in the second part of the first half, thanks in particular to the double of Gatien Massé, rather ¾ center who was repositioned on the wing. Béjamin Boudou adds one just before half-time: 17-10.

Returning from the locker room, Thomas Moukouro receives a red card for a high tackle. A few minutes later, the Georgians pounded the in-goal line, the French penalized by a yellow card. Reduced to 13, they will concede the test, yet showing a very strong defensive solidarity. The turning point of this second half comes from the interception of Max Auriac, after a long defensive sequence in the 15 meters. The back succeeds in his interception and scores between the posts. He even takes the time to transform his essay. Final score: 42 – 17. A victory that allows players like Gatien Massé or Killian Tixeron to end their adventure in the most beautiful way and for those who will continue the adventure, like Captain Emilien Gailleton, to build for the season next.

A balance sheet that remains mixed

If the last note is good, the ballot remains average for the Blueberries. They blew a little cold and hot: two overwhelming victories and two complicated defeats. The French were able to show very good things, but also errors that will have to be corrected in order to hope to defend the title of world champion. When they succeeded in imposing their very high rhythm with raises from their camp, sharp runs and millimeter screw passes, the French crossed and proved to be very dangerous. They were sometimes too impatient and had trouble knowing when to put the game down. In defence, the Bleuets showed great commitment and solidarity. They were, however, far too penalized to win closer matches as their defeats to England and South Africa showed.

Solenn Ravenel

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