Limoges CSP wants to revive Wilfried Yeguete

Limoges CSP should soon have its quota of locally trained players. After having extended its captain Nicolas Lang for two additional seasons and then having secured the services of Mathieu Wojciechowski and Lucas Ugolin, the Limoges club should soon formalize the recruitment of Wilfried Yeguete who announced his return to competition yesterday on his social networks .

Trained at the University of Florida, the native of Pessac (Gironde) will try to embrace a destiny similar to that of Demonte Harper. Because, like the American combo, the pivot comes out of a white season due to an injury to a patellar tendon. A twist of fate that allowed Limoges CSP to hire him for two seasons at a rather preferred rate. It remains to be hoped that this injury is no more than a bad memory. In any case, Wilfried Yeguete seems convinced of this. Without the birth of his first child in the United States, he would undoubtedly have taken over the basket in Strasbourg, which was looking for a medical freelancer, or elsewhere from the last season.

A soldier for Cancellieri

At 30, the interior already has solid experience in the French championship after having defended the colors of Le Havre, Pau, Le Mans and Monaco. Winner of the French championship with the MSB in 2018 and the Eurocup with the Roca Team in 2021, Wilfried Yeguete will be the first player to move from Pau to Limoges since Jean-Frédéric Morency in 2017.

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His profile as a defensive-minded soldier should please both Beaublanc and Massimo Cancellieri who, in the absence of Jacques Alingué, will find himself with one of the most solid JFLs in the championship in his position.

Matthew Strazel, the miss

This recruitment is about to be completed, the CSP remains in search of an athletic pivot to have a complementary pair on post 5. At the same time, he continues to prospect for exteriors. If you have to get your hands on the young Matthew Strazel (1.82 m, 19 years old), who is currently contesting the championship final with ASVEL, the affair finally fell apart at the very last moment when the young leader was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​gaining responsibilities in the CSP jersey and working with Massimo Cancellieri who appreciates him very much.

Attributable to Villeurbanne at the very last moment, this reversal of the situation had the gift of somewhat annoying the Limougeaud staff who already saw themselves being able to count on a workforce made up of five locally trained players. The Limoges CSP will have to find its happiness elsewhere.

Matthew Marot


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