Lisa Berkani aka The Pier Tornado 54

When we think of Lisa Berkani, the adjectives of unique or singular come almost instinctively to mind. Because the combo-guard, who played this season at Les Flammes Carolo, a style of play that belongs only to her. A slightly nervous, intensive, slightly street game. When she takes part in Quai 54, the biggest streetball tournament in the world, is anything but a surprise.

“I went there almost all the time as a spectator. When they created the women’s edition, I thought it was really great. I was really happy and I was really looking forward to participating,” explains- Does she. “I like everything about this tournament. The atmosphere is so good. I’m having a lot of fun.”

Lisa Berkani: “We’re here, we’re savoring and enjoying our moment”

Far from the constraints of club basketball, which format the game more, Lisa appreciates finding a certain freedom.

“We don’t have a coach or a club that puts pressure on us for the result. We’re here, we’re enjoying and enjoying our moment. It’s fun. We can play instinctively without thinking. playing without this pressure is what which changes with our seasons”.

This is why the native of Beuamont is used to criss-crossing streetball tournaments in the summer. “I do a lot, but not on this scale.“So she got a few more questions from her teammates. »I get asked questions all the time about what I do in the summer, who I play with. Since there is the women’s edition at the dock, there are four times as many questions” she said with a big smile. “It was time. moreover in two years the level has developed enormously, it has risen. For the female basket and the promotion of women it’s too good“. So his three-point victory and with his team are certainly only the beginning.

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Photo credit: Ann-Dee Lamour

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