Lot-et-Garonne: Antoine Géronazzo, rugby figure from Lot-et-Garonne, has left us

He was a figure of the quinziste and treiziste world of Ovalie. At 96, Antoine Géronazzo retained an imposing stature that commanded respect. He has revealed some signs of weakness in recent years, especially with regard to locomotion, but his sudden disappearance surprised his many friends.

Antoine was a member of a family of ten children who had been living in sharecropping since 1934 on a 72 ha property in Doudrac, in Villeréalais. “You should play rugby”, threw him the friends impressed by this boy of 19 spring cut in the rock. Challenge met. Villeréal XV welcomed him, then, in 1947, Brive made eyes at him After two years of acclimatization in the reserve team, here is our man holding the post of pillar within the pennant formation alongside Arcalis, Tarozzi, Augey, Jo Carabignac, Elie Pébeyre and Foussart.
It was also the Corrèze oval ball that was to seal his destiny… in love with Lucienne Mazel, a 21-year-old native who shared seven decades of happiness with him, most of which spent in their home in Bias.

The Villeneuvois recruiting sergeants from Treiz in turn noticed the physical and moral qualities of Antoine le Débonnaire who crossed the Rubicon to put on the tunic of the “green and white” club, still in the orchestra seats. His end of career will be marked by a move to Toulouse XIII and Tonneins XIII.
There is another part of his life that this discreet man never talks about. In January 1944, at the age of 18, “Tony” entered the Resistance within the Vény combat group in Villeréal where his action was decisive, mainly during the parachuting of equipment. Left at the disposal of his family for agricultural work, he was unable to field three consecutive months of action in the maquis and, as a result, obtain the combatant’s card. To reward his merits, it had been planned to give him at home in July the medal of loyalty to the Resistance and that of the city of Bias.

The civil funeral of this former member of the Boule biassaise took place yesterday afternoon at the Bias cemetery. To his wife Lucienne, to his two daughters Nadine and Suzette, to his grandchildren and to his entire family, our newspaper sends the assurance of its heartfelt condolences.

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