Lou Rugby shoots a surprise fireworks display from the Gerland stadium

There was nothing wild about the operation, but it hadn’t been announced.

This Thursday evening, shortly after 11 p.m., a huge fireworks display was fired at the Gerland stadium in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon. The detonations were powerful, many Lyonnais were also surprised, as far as the Presqu’île. Very quickly, messages from worried people were published on social networks, evoking a possible shooting.

It was nothing. According to information from Progress, it is the Lou Rugby which is at the origin of this sound and lights. According to our colleagues, a request had been registered by the services of the Rhône prefecture.

The reason for this pyrotechnic show is still unknown this Friday morning, no media had been notified in advance. Some evoke the formalization with great fanfare of the new recruits of the workforce of the club which won the Challenge Cup at the end of May. Others say that a company was in the middle of the evening in the stadium of the rugby team, the fireworks would have been more entertainment.



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