Luz-Saint-Sauveur. Toy The General Assembly of Tennis

the essential
The tennis toy that just held its AG has a set of remarkable clay courts.

Luz and Tennis toy present perhaps the most beautiful clay tennis courts in the department.

It was under the leadership of its president Jacques Behague that the general meeting of the club was held, most of whose activity takes place in the summer. It is difficult or even more possible to play at the gymnasium (which depends on the community of municipalities) for technical problems.

Currently, there are 59 licensees, the license being essential besides to practice, to be assured but also to show its commitment to the club.

This is much less than in the past, but the workforce is still in the adult age brackets.

It would be necessary, even if the tennis school works well, to have despite everything more young people by being more attractive (all the associations say the same thing).

The president thanked Luz for the maintenance of the courses, the municipalities for their subsidies, Thierry who returned this year to hold the turon, and Jean Pierre Lhaa, the coach. This one does not hesitate to beat the recall even in winter to participate in outdoor tournaments. 1st of the regional events, the AG2R tournament: 2 teams (1 woman, 1 gentleman) have played the 5 meetings and remain in regional 2. Among the young people (school) Ninon and Pierre are the winners and for the older ones, Manon and Marius.

Constance Caussieu wins the Claude Massoure cup, Jean-Marc Baudier that for Xavier Petroix.

In August, it’s the external tournament, won by Claire Montbroussous for the ladies and Valentin Lassère for the men.

In December, only one team was entered: a draw and at the same time at the senior departmental championships, Marie-Pierre arrived as a finalist.

These are essentially sports results that are not that bad.

On the financial side, it’s not catastrophic but the year nevertheless ends with a deficit of some 1500 euros (No entertainment due to covid). We hope that this year will be able to reconnect with them.

To be more in line with the federation, the next GA should take place rather in September.

In the meantime, we will have a “cohesion” meal at the end of the internal tournament. The main thing in any case is to have fun while playing. A small pot of friendship closed this general meeting.

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