Magic’s cash opinion on LeBron’s performance in the Drew League

LeBron James was the star of the weekend in the microcosm NBA thanks to its remarkable appearance during the Drew League. Even without forcing, the King made the show with a huge box, all in front of the eyes of fans not used to seeing him play. Magic Johnson gave his cash opinion on the situation.

The years go by, james lebron ages, other emerging superstars, but the King remains the most fascinating player in the league. Just watch his appearance in the Drew League this weekend to realize it. Stars like Draymond Green and Quavo made the trip to attend his masterclassand to be able to leave, LeBron had to slice through a tide of cameras and phones.

Magic congratulates LeBron on Drew League appearance

While he didn’t have to, LeBron James decided to participate in the Drew League with his friend DeMar DeRozan, a dream for young people in Compton and Inglewood, two of the toughest neighborhoods in the City of Angels. , who finally got to see the King in action. A gesture that illustrates his liberality and that Magic Johnson applauded on social networks

A big thank you to LeBron James for playing in the Drew League this Saturday, and for giving the opportunity to see him in person to all the young fans who can’t afford to attend a Lakers game at the arena.

It’s so great that they got to shake his hand! What a once in a lifetime experience!

Magic Johnson knows it perfectly, the Lakers are one of the most expensive franchises in the NBA… In 2021, for example, the average price of a place at the Arena was 560 dollars, an exorbitant price that many residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods cannot afford it. By moving directly into these communities, LeBron has given young people the opportunity to achieve a dream.

LeBron James is a great leader in the African-American community, here is another example. He made the show in front of many young people from the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Los Angeles, which Magic Johnson can only respect.

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