“Make the shopping cart your number one priority”

His arrival in Philly caused a stir in February before quickly turning into a flash in the pan following another disappointing performance in the playoffs, James Harden will be expected again from next October for his first full season in his new jersey. Asked about the case of the bearded man, Tracy McGradyHall of Famer who has often been criticized for a certain lack of work ethic during his career, explained – after briefly mentioning Luka Doncic – what he thought he needed to do to revive his career.

“Rich Eisen: – Regarding the young player today you say ‘he is the next one’.

Tracy McGrady: – Luka is damn good. He’s damn good. I love watching him play. He’s not the fastest, no jumper, but from a skill point of view, he’s out of the ordinary. He knows how to control the pace of a match, he knows how to create space for himself to shoot, even against bigger, stronger or faster players. He just knows how to play basket, and control the pace.

Rich Eisen: – And what advice would you give James Harden right now?

Tracy McGrady: – To make the basket his number one priority. To make winning his number one priority. To make the 76ers his No. 1 priority. He’s playing with an MVP-caliber guy, Joel Embiid, who I think now has changed the way he approaches and sees the game, and who wants to win. If James can be the guy who brings his 20 points & 10 assists every night, I think they’ll be in the discussion among the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

Rich Eisen: – I think he should call Tom Brady.

Tracy McGrady: – But Tom Brady has won titles, that’s what keeps him going. James Harden did not win a title […] You can’t come to training camp out of shape. No matter the circumstances. It’s your job to be in good physical shape and to be there for your teammates. I think he will this summer. He’s in Philadelphia. You know how Philly fans are. You don’t play with them. We’ll see. »


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