Mandrean Rugby Club celebrated its 50th anniversary

David Bouzin, the president of the Mandrean Rugby Club, and his dynamic team have been preparing for this for weeks.

More than 400 guests, a program of festivities spread over two days. Refreshing water games for young and old on Saturday morning, 7-a-side intergenerational matches, then in the evening some tributes to the old, prize giving, a thought for the club’s deceased, before the party is in full swing. music around a good table, on the village square.

The tribe of elders, coaches, presidents and founders of the club registered and recognized by the FFR in 1972. PhotoLF.

50 years is not nothing, part of a small section for young people under the impetus of Guy Lacabanne in 1971, then under the aegis of Ufolep, the nascent club had to wait until 1972 to finally be registered and recognized by the federation.

The members of today remember with emotion and admiration, this group of friends from 16 to 18 years old passionate about the oval.

Guy Lacabanne, nicknamed “Jesus”, was the founder of the first rugby school in Saint-Mandrier in 1971. PhotoLF.

That these kids from the village did well, at the time, to launch such a challenge. What pride for them today to see this club become a big family gathered here to party.

Marcel Bodrero, represented by his son Michel, Georges Clairoux, Claude Gatineau known as “the Bear”, François Grave, without forgetting Monsieur Escartefigue, so many characters who made this club vibrate followed by an entire village.

Gilles Vincent the mayor, Romain Vincent, deputy mayor and David Bouzin, president of the Mandrean rugby club (from left to right). All three paid a fine tribute to the club’s former founders, players and late members. PhotoLF.

Thanks to them, the foundations of the peninsula team have been firmly anchored, on respect, sport and friendship, today the next generation is there, by their side, to take up the torch and so that the small club with the dolphin on the heart, one day blows its hundredth, with as much enthusiasm.


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